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Tom. 23 years old, trains and coaches Powerlifting and studies photography.

Tommy. 23 years old

"I am always on the go! Training my clients and running my personal training business, my own training, and my studies take up pretty much all of my time.

Before PT Mate I would spend any breaks I had updating my clients results while trying to eat to fuel me for my own training. If I missed any updates I would then have to do them after uni or training. I feel like I do admin all day everyday.

Using PT Mate as my client's rest between sets I can update the session results and PT Mate saves it and updates any new personal records. Helping me to manage my time and saving me hours on admin that I used to have everyday."

Here's how PT Mate helps Tom save time

My first session starts at 5am, I work until 8am then stop for a break to eat and update client performance. Usually juggling eating breakfast and entering in my client's results.

Now with PT Mate I can program my entire day of programming, saving me the hassle throughout each day because of how much faster I'm getting my programming done.

I would start back at 8.30am and run another 4 x 45 minutes sessions then I would update those clients before eating again then starting my own training.

With PT Mate I can upload my client's results block by block saving me having to do it once I am finished. Also saving me having to try to remember weights and times my clients did in their sessions when I have a number of sessions back to back.

AND I have more time to train so my training is better structured and I have more time to spend on my own training instead of rushing through to get to Uni.

I would normally head to Uni from around 12pm to 4.30pm. Once I finish I prepare for my evening sessions then work from 5.30pm until 7pm stopping for 30 minutes to eat and enter my clients results, then working the remainder of my sessions from 7.30pm to 8.45pm.

With PT Mate the work is already done which gives me more time to actually stop for a little bit during the day, helping to get some down time to myself before my evening sessions.

When I got home I would spend another 45 minutes updating session results, then I would have to plan and prepare my following day's sessions and programs.

With PT Mate I have more time during the day to plan for the following day. Now, once I finish my evening sessions I no longer have to update my clients performance or plan my sessions for the next morning so I can leave my last session and call it a day!!

PT Mate does it automatically, saving me 2 and a half hours each day and between 10 to 12 hours every week!

Your data is safe with us

Your data is safe with us

At PT Mate, we believe in individual freedom and ownership. Being the sole custodian of your own data is fundamental to keeping your independence, which is why your business and clients' data is yours and yours only. We will never sell your data to third parties or allow any actors to use it for their own benefit. This is a promise to all our customers that stands now and will always stand.

Hi, I'm Melony, one of the co-founders of PT Mate

Melony from PT Mate

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