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Maddi owns a small group and 1:1 personal training studio with 3 assistant trainers.

Maddi owns a small group and 1:1 personal training studio with 3 assistant trainers

Hit with the effects of COVID-19 everyone has had to rely on virtual training. Already using PT Mate we watched PT Mate adapt.

We all first started getting everyone connected through Zoom. PT Mate catered for the changes to the fitness industry and gave us a platform where we could still seamlessly connect and manage all of our clients. We could spend all of our time saved creating new ways to keep our clients motivated and to continue to grow our business.

We provided equipment to all of our clients and my trainers ran virtual Small groups or 1:1 virtual sessions to allow us to keep providing the best service to each of our clients. But also allowing my staff to still work and get paid during this time.

PT Mate helped her pivot her business during Covid 19

Before COVID-19 our assistant trainers would work in pairs to cater for the class sizes. Our assistant trainers were able to run the sessions using their own assistant trainer account also allowing them to book in 1:1 face to face sessions and small group face to face sessions too, allowing trainers to program through their app, mark attendance and track all client performance.

This has been one of the most helpful aspects of the PT Mate technology. We no longer spend hours collecting and entering in client results anymore.

We update our client results as the session runs which then saves and updates as soon as the session is finished.

Since COVID-19 we all moved to virtual training and PT Mate supported us through that too, we are able to add virtual links that our members can join automatically through their PT Mate app.

We can run sessions through the app or the website, track attendance and training performance too.

We have managed to break our virtual sessions up into virtual small group PT sessions everyday keeping our members healthy and moving well and our trainers busy.

Your data is safe with us

Your data is safe with us

At PT Mate, we believe in individual freedom and ownership. Being the sole custodian of your own data is fundamental to keeping your independence, which is why your business and clients' data is yours and yours only. We will never sell your data to third parties or allow any actors to use it for their own benefit. This is a promise to all our customers that stands now and will always stand.

Hi, I'm Melony, one of the co-founders of PT Mate

Melony from PT Mate

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