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Pre Exercise Questionnaire

Learn how to set up pre exercise questionnaire and how to get it to your clients



Pre Exercise Questionnaires allow you to collect important information regarding their training before they start working with you. PT Mate allows you to create custom pre exercise questionnaires and send them to your clients.

Create your questionnaire

Create your questionnaire the same way you create your other digital forms and surveys. Simply check "Use as Pre Exercise Questionnaire" in the Form Builder. Once saved, this form will become your questionnair. Note: It'll override and replace any existing questionnaire.

How to get it to your clients

PT Mate attaches it automatically to all existing clients, and they can fill it out on their Member App. New clients will be prompted to fill the form out when they connect with you. The whole process is fully automated so no need for you to send the questionnaire manually to your clients.

View results

You can see your clients' responses either in the your clients details, or select your clients from the Admin > Forms tab.

Document templates

You can update any questionnaire any time. PT Mate keeps track of versioning and lets you know at a glance what the current active version is, and which version your clients answered.

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