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Direct debits

Learn about direct debits in PT Mate and how to set them up

Direct debits


Automate your schedule with recurring payments. Once you've created your products, you can set up direct debits for your clients.
Note that you need to enable billing with Stripe to be able to set up direct debits.

Setting up a direct debit

You can only set up direct debits on the Business Web Portal. Just choose a client, a product and the start date (date of the first charge). By default, it's set to today buy you can choose any future date.


Your clients will be charged periodically based on the day of the first charge. For example:

Failed payments

Stripe attempts to charge your clients 4 times for the same payment. You'll be notified of the failed payment attempts and their reasons on your Overview page on both the Business Web Portal and the Business App.
If a payment fails 4 times, your debit will be marked as "unpaid" and you will have to cancel it manually. To continue charging your client, you'll have to set up a new direct debit.

Pausing a direct debit

From the debit's details, you can pause and unpause them. This will pause payments until you decide to resume the debit. The next charge will be on the next scheduled date. For example, if you charge your client monthly on the 1st and resume the debit on the 20th of February, they will be charged on the 1st of March.

Cancelling a direct debit

You can cancel direct debits any time. This will remove the debit immediately and cancel any future payments. You can still access past payments from your payments list.

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