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Available 1:1 sessions

Available 1:1 sessions


Available 1:1 sessions allow you to create time slots for 1:1 sessions your clients can book into, similar to group session bookings.
Once a client books into the session, it'll be allocated to that client and you'll receive a notification on your dashboard.

Lifecycle of a session

Sessions need to be created in advance ("in the future"). Depending on the date, you have different options available to you.

Bookings and waiting list

Your clients can book into sessions on their Member App. If the session is already taken they'll enter a waiting list. In case your client cancels their booking, they will move up automatically.

Bookings and cancellations

You can define when your bookings open and close. For example, you might want to lock attendance 24 hours before the session. Your clients won't be able to book in or cancel after that.

Session attendance

Your session will automatically be marked as attended when you run it. This allows PT Mate to update your client's session packs or direct debits automatically. It also adds the session to your client's Training in the Client Tab so they can refer back to it and update their results.
Alternatively, you can mark your session as attended or not attended afterwards.

Running the session

If you attach a program to your session, you can run it through PT Mate. We will guide you through your session and run the corresponding timers for you.
Once a block is complete you can enter your clients' results.

Virtual session

You can run your 1:1 sessions virtually as well. Simply add a Virtual Session Link to your session and it will be handled as a virtual session.
Your client will be able to join your virtual session directly through their Member App.

Session results

Once a session is finished, you can edit your client's results as many times as you like. PT Mate takes care of automatically updating their progress and PB's.
Alternatively, your client can do so on the Member App so you can split the work load.


Both you and your client can leave comments on the session. This allows you to communicate anything relevant to that specific session from within the session.

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