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Running a session

Get an overview of how to run your sessions through PT Mate

Running a session


Run your sessions directly through PT Mate so you can keep track of your clients' attendance and log their session results.


You need to assign a program to the session the app can run through. This can be done on both the Business Web Portal and the Business App.

Running the session

In your Business App (iOS & Android), select the session when it's due, or up to 30 min before that.

Start session

Tap the button to start the session. For 1:1 sessions, you'll see a screen with the assigned program. For group sessions, a popup will prompt you to confirm session attendance. Don't worry, you can always update it later in case you miss someone.

Block by block

The app helps you run your session block by block. When you're ready, tap Start this block. The according timer will appear allowing you to see the exercises as well as reps and weight targets. You can count your client's reps on that screen as they progress through the exercise.

Logging results

After each block, you can enter your clients results (reps, distance, weights). You can update them any time after the session finishes as well so no need to do that while you're with your clients if you're short on time.

Your clients will also be able to update their group session results from the Member App so you don't have to spend large amounts of time going through all of them.

Restarting the session

While it's due (and during its runtime), you can restart the session any time. Your previously logged results will still be saved, allowing you to update them if you have to as well.

Running sessions from your Business Web Portal

Running sessions from your Business Web Portal is just as simple as running sessions from your Business App!

You can access your training session up to 10 minutes prior to your session.
To start the session;


When creating a program you can set different timers for different blocks. PT Mate will take care of running the block accordingly:

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