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Active and inactive clients

Clients can be made inactive and active again to help you organise your business


You can make your clients inactive in case they stop training with you (extended holiday, for example). They will be shown in a separate list on your Clients page.
Note that inactive clients are not shown on the Business App.

Active clients

Clients are active by default, allowing you to access all features and edit all of their details.

Inactive clients

You can't access your client's training progress while they're inactive. Your client won't be able to book into sessions on the Member App until they're made active again.

Make a client inactive

You can make clients active/inactive on the Details tab. Note that direct debits and nutrition plans will have to be paused separately. This does not happen by making your client inactive.

What happens to session bookings and recurring sessions?

Your client will still be booked into the sessions they previously booked in to. You can manually remove them from these sessions if you wish to do so.
Recurring 1:1 sessions are not affected. They will continue unless you delete the template separately.

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