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Adding a client

Learn how to add clients to your list and how to connect with them


Clients are at the centre of your business. That's why in PT Mate, everything evolves around them, too.
It all starts with adding clients to your list. Our platform offers two ways to add clients:

Add a single client

You can add clients on both the Business Web Portal and the Business App by filling out a form, asking for:

There are further optional fields which your client will automatically fill out when connecting to you via the Member App:

Once you press "Add client", the client will be added to your list and you can start setting up everything else for them, such as billing details, creating sessions and adding them to client groups.

Send an invite

This is optional and preselected when adding a client.
We'll send your client an email inviting them to download the PT Mate Member App so they can connect with you. This will allow them to:

Once the invite is sent, it's on your client to connect with you

Sending an invite

Your client connects with you

Your clients connect with you via the PT Mate Member App or the Member Web Portal. After receiving the invite, they'll be asked to download the app or go to your Member Area ( and create an account.

Download the app

The PT Mate Member App can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It's completely free for your clients and always will be

Create a free account

Your client needs to create an account and fill in their information. They will then be connected to your training space and their details will be updated in your client list. Important: We'll use the phone number to connect them automatically with you. So please make sure. when you create the client, that their phone number is correct.

Is your client already using the app?

If your client already has a PT Mate account, they'll receive a notification on both their app and member portal asking them to connect with you. They simply accept the request and will automatically be connected to you.

Why connect?

In order to access all features regarding your client, they need to be connected via the Member App/Web Portal. These features include:

Note that it's not mandatory to have your clients connected. In fact, you can manage everything without them being connected to you.

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