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Charging your clients

Learn more about how Nutrition billing works

Charging your clients

How does PT Mate charge me?

You are only charged for what you use!

When setting up a client for nutrition you will have the option to start them on the upcoming Sunday or one of the following three Sundays.

The date you set your client's plan to start from is the same day you will be charged from. For each client you will be charged $1.10 per day on a weekly basis ($7.70 per client, per week).
Your saved card will be charged each Monday based on your total volume the previous week at $1.10 per client per day.

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What should I charge my clients?

At the end of the day it is completely up to you.
If you're not sure keep it simple.

Per active customer you will be charged $7.70 per week on a Friday. For example 5 active clients at $7.70 per week you will be charged $38.50 in total from PT Mate on the Friday.
If you were to charge $10 per week per client you would make a total of $50.00. Your plan costs are $38.50, your profit would be $11.50 per week.
The costs for seeing a dietitian vary. Many charge between $70 and $150 an hour for a consultation.

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