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Setting nutritional preferences on the Member App

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Setting nutritional preferences on the Member App


Your clients manage their preferences and meal plans on their Member App. You can always monitor them in the Health tab on the Business Web Portal

Getting started

Once you've set up your client's nutrition subscription, it's time to set the nutrition preferences. Note: This will be available on the first day of the Nutrition Plan


Dietary preferences

Dinner leftovers


Ingredients to avoid?


Their details

Meal plan

Once they have received their meal plan this is similar to what you should see.

Meal plan

Once you have completed the recipe check it off to keep track of your menu and nutrition progress. Aim to check every meal off each day!


Meals can be swapped in case your clients prefers another option.
Note: Your client cannot update the menu for the current day. Be sure to plan your menu ahead of time.

Shopping lists

Each meal plan automatically generates a shopping list so your client can buy all the ingredients they need for the week.

Both meal plans and shopping lists are generated Fridays so your client has the weekend to get organised for the plan to start on Monday.

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