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Get an overview of programs and how to they work



Programs are at the centre of your training. Our Program Builder allows you to create programs you can attach to your sessions to run them, or to send them to your clients so they can do them in their own time.

Structure of a program

Programs are divided into different blocks. You can assign a specific function to each block, such as "Warm Up" or "Workout", as well as different timers to suit your needs.


When creating a program you can set different timers for different blocks. PT Mate will take care of running the block accordingly:


Add movements to each blocks and set their target reps and weight. PT Mate offers an expanding list of movements, and you can create your custom ones in case you can't find what you're looking for.

Use your programs in sessions

Attach your programs to your sessions, or create a specific program for your session. This allows you to run your sessions directly through PT Mate and log your clients' results.

Send programs to your clients

You can send your programs to your connected clients so they can do them in your own time. You'll be able to monitor their results in their client details.

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