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Kevin and Charlie - Outdoor group fitness business owners

They became business partners after working together and opened an out group fitness business.
“As we were in the startup phases of our business plans we were collecting client information. Before PT Mate We used several different types of software to manage everything. It was stressful and very difficult to stay on top of everything as we grew. We were introduced to PT Mate. We uploaded our client list in minutes and had 1 platform with the capability to manage our business and offer features and tools that help us grow our business.”

Setting the foundations

When we started setting up the foundations of our business we had not yet come across PT Mate. Moving from a rented space to taking full control of our newly formed business we emailed out and manually ticked off all client information we collected. Using excel to track and various other software to open the business.

Setting the foundations Moving away from spreadsheets and hard copies

Moving away from spreadsheets and hard copies

We had hard copies that also needed to be uploaded to the software we originally decided to use. Each client had to be entered in individually. And communication was flooding our email with questions from our customers.

Our entire client list in minutes

Once we were introduced to PT Mate we were able to upload our entire client list by uploading a CSV file with the option to automatically send an email out to every new member to sign up with their client app and get connected. Streamlining our onboarding and even getting our members excited and motivated.

Our entire client list in minutes 2 minutes vs 4 hours

2 minutes vs 4 hours

Uploading the client list would take about 2 minutes per client to set up. With PT Mate it took 2 minutes to get everyone set up and invited. Saving 4 hours of work instantly.

Total time saved: 6 hrs

In a nutshell

Now as we get new members sign up we have a smooth personalized process that our members like and 1 platform where we could manage ALL of our members. Assistant trainers, Billing and finance, bookings, programming, and progress tracking.

Melony from PT Mate

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