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Let us share with you how PT Mate came to life

Melony has been working as a personal trainer since 2009. After running my sessions each day she would then spend an extra 2-3 hours updating client progress, checking off sessions to make sure she got paid correctly then write her client’s programs for the following day.

She did this for 7 years and unfortunately she cannot get that time back.

Spending an extra 2-3 hours updating client progress
I figured there was going to be a solution

There had to be a solution

After searching for an app or website that she could run every aspect of her personal training business from with no success, Melony parked the idea for the time being.

Until... Sebastian became her PT client in 2017. Melony presented her problem to him, and being a designer and developer, both decided to build a solution themselves. PT Mate was born.

Designed by fitness professionals, for fitness professionals

PT Mate has been developed by our award winning development team and team of fitness professionals with decades of fitness industry experience.

As we are the only Australian fitness business management company we speak directly with all of our customers, welcome feedback constantly and implement new features into our technology to ensure you have a system that supports you as your business grows.

Designed by personal trainers, for personal trainers
Melony from PT Mate

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