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Let us share with you how PT Mate came to life

Hi there, I'm Melony, one of the co-founders of PT Mate. I've been a personal trainer since 2009. Like many, after running sessions each day I'd spend an extra 2-3 hours updating client progress and checking off session packs to make sure that I was paid correctly for the sessions I ran. Then i'd need to send confirmation and reminder messages out. After all of that I'd then plan all of my client programs for the following day.

I did this for 7 years adding on upwards of 10 to 15 hours every weeks just on business admin and, unfortunately, I cannot gain that time back!

Melony has been working as a personal trainer since 2009

There had to be a solution

Both decided to build a solution themselves. PT Mate was born.

Over the time I worked as a personal trainer I searched for a system that could help me to run and manage more aspects of my business, but I had no real success so I parked the idea and ran my business manually.

Until... I met Sebastian when he became a personal training client. I learned that he was a designer and developer. So still with no success finding a suitable management system I explained my problem and presented my idea to him, both of us deciding to build the solution ourselves. PT Mate was born.

Designed by fitness professionals, for fitness professionals

PT Mate has since been developed by our award winning development team and team of fitness professionals with decades of fitness industry knowledge and experience.

As we are the only Australian fitness business management company we connect with our customers directly, collecting feedback and implementing new features and improvements constantly, to ensure you have a system that supports you as your business grows.

Designed by fitness professionals, for fitness professionals

We deeply care about data privacy

We deeply care about data privacy

From the beginning, it was important to us to keep our customers' data safe and never share it with any third party. We strongly believe that your data belongs to you.

All of our features are designed with that philosophy and it's one of our core principles as a business.

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